Sunday, 22 April 2018

Agile in four or 4 words

I've been heavily reflecting on last week's post agile in 3 words and I'm not happy enough with it.

So this is a response to that previous thought - to bring in a previous previous thought I captured in this older post Open question how.

I think the shortest summary to what is agile - other than "collaborative lightweight working practices" that means many different abstract things to many different people I've tried it on...and gotten nowhere with, is actually:

"How can I help?"

This one induces in the person asking out loud or silently to themselves the teamworking principles, the proaction, the learning, and more. That lovely "how?" question really opens things up a lot more.

Especially in response to my earlier attempt "Can I help?" - a simple "No" would stop anyone in their tracks. And that "No" is to be expected when people are massively in a state of focus and don't want any interruptions.

The simple introduction of the "How" makes this a question that a team member can get creative with by themselves and come up with more creative suggestions - even innovative practice improvements.

How do you think this is better or worse than the earlier version?

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