Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Disk Defragmentation Tool

Thank you Jaksa (my colleague) for this invaluable tip for a great Disk Defragmentation Tool! I've been a believer in defragmenting my hard disk drive on an annual or bi-annual basis (or major file system upheaval event) for many years.

The problem I started experiencing over the past 5 odd years, is that as my hard drives became bigger, "defragging" took longer and longer. Worse, the tool provided with Windows only works properly when 30% of the hard drive is available! Now 30% of 120MB is only 36MB and is not such a bad temporary sacrifice. 30% of 100GB is a huge sacrifice that I just cannot afford! Not on my development workstation, nor on my personal home machine(s)!!

Jaksa pointed in in the direction of independent evaluations listed on Donn Edwards' web site. Or you can simply download the winning defragmentation tool (JkDefrag) here.


Anonymous said...

In my view the best option among third party defraggers is a full fledged defragmenter like Diskeeper. Try the 09 version, it defrags under severest fragmentation, besides the efficient background/low free space defrag.

Rob Brown said...

@Anonymous - Thank you for your comment. If you check out Donn Edwards' review of Diskeeper 09, you will see why he uninstalled it. Obviously not everyone will have the same setup as he does (or I for that matter) so, as per usual, use the right tool for the right job, and use the tool that works best for you!

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