Saturday, 27 December 2008

WikiLeaks - Oops!

Wikileaks is a very interesting little web site that came to my attention because of some sensitive documents that were leaked in/by South African affairs recently. Some very interesting cartoons, names and documents, from some the most ?unlikely? people and countries I would not have guessed at.

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Immo H√ľneke said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Quite interesting stuff on there! I mainly looked at the UK section and found all sorts of sleaze going on, including some of the mechanics of the accursed ID cards scheme. Apparently they're making the initial batches of cards for non-EU nationals at the DVLA's backup printing centre near Swansea. They then get taken by courier to Northampton for posting to the applicants. Readers will recall that the security of 25 million people on the UK's tax credits database was recently compromised when a couple of CDs were mislaid by a courier between two home office locations.

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